Customizable Virtual Coworking Rooms

Give teammates the fluid, serendipitous interactions of individual drop-in rooms and shared team spaces. Integrates with Slack.

Set your teams up for success

91% of knowledge workers say team connection is important at work but 55% of knowledge workers identify it as a challenge when working remotely.
Morning Consult Feb 2023

Why use Virtual Coworking Rooms?

An important part of productivity is social productivity. We’re more motivated to do our best work when we feel engaged, trusted by our colleagues, and know where to go to solve complex problems. But how do we create a workforce that truly feels connected? Workfrom provides a human-centered approach to distributed work using virtual coworking rooms.

Build cohesive teams

Leverage virtual coworking rooms for natural and genuine conversations.

Win time back

Get quick answers to questions outside of scheduled meetings.

Bridge the virtual gap

Create personal virtual rooms to give remote employees a place others can visit them.

Workfrom Rooms use cases

Virtual Coworking

Beyond the convenience, virtual coworking offers an efficient solution to work-from-home downsides—such as isolation and employee burnout.
✅  Jump into a coworking room to ask a coworker a question
✅  Feel closer to teammates as you work throughout your day
✅  Have a place to return to after scheduled meetings

Remote Mentoring

Replicate the important benefit of a shared workspace, where junior employees work alongside senior employees, but on their own work.
✅  Junior team members can get questions quickly answered
✅  Team members can be more spontaneous throughout the day
✅  Establish dedicated places for recurring collaboration

Culture Building

Not everyone works well in isolation. In coworking rooms, it's easier to feel a sense of belonging and everyone can have one.
✅  Provide team members a personal place to connect
✅  Enable self-expression and ownership similar to a physical workspace
✅  Make it easy to build strong relationships and shared routines

Office Hours

Recreate important informal conversations with managers and peers by setting up virtual office hours in a room.
✅  Give managers a place to listen, share, and be available to help
✅  A consistent place to address small questions or concerns
✅  An effective way to unblock specific blockers more quickly

Get to know Workfrom Rooms

Navigating Rooms

View your coworking rooms at a glance from your home view. See how many people are in the coworking room before you decide to join.

Personalizing a Room

Choose from pre-designed settings that inspire focus and creativity, or create your own themes and decorate your space to be as unique as you are.

Interacting in a Room

Cowork with video, audio, and screen sharing controls. Use multiple coworking modes including audio-only and video-only. Easily share sticky notes and personal checklists with colleagues.

Focus sessions in Rooms

Create, run, and join focus session inside of any coworking room. Focus sessions make it easy to facilitate tmed periods of deep work followed by short breaks, and are a proven way to boos productivity and focus.

Automating Virtual Coworking Time

With a few clicks, add recurring focus sessions that send reminders to Slack and provide frequent opportunities for all employees to cowork.

Slack connected Rooms

Connect any coworking rooms to a Slack channel and receive real-time visitor notifications and helpful reminders of upcoming coworking with colleagues.

Background music in Rooms

Each coworking rooms comes with a dedicated media player that can auto-play background music on entry alongside additional ambient soundscapes you control.

When everyone feels supported, you can work together toward a common goal

Building strong relationships at work improves collaboration and fights costly burnout. Critical innovation and information sharing is more likely with people you know and trust.


of users say Cafe has improved authentic communication


feel their ability to work remotely has improved


feel more connected to their teammates
Workfrom has cultivated a strong set of values about the nature of online coworking and empowering co-workers. Understanding its origins will help you understand its design and why it's so effective for remote-first organizations.

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