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With Cafe, you and your team will get through challenging tasks twice as fast as before. You'll strengthen bonds, increase productivity, and save hours every week. Integrates with Slack.
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Share more Focus Time.

Focus Time is completely uninterrupted work time. It’s a dedicated time block to work on a task or project and give it your undivided attention. Focus Time is a time management strategy with the goal of eliminating outside distractions and unnecessary noise, so you can do your best work (and get it done faster).

Cafe does all the work.

Set it up and let it work for you.

Step 1

Add a room.

Use beautiful themes or build your own with custom playlists and productivity tools.

Step 2

Pick a routine.

Choose from several pre-set sprints that help optimize focus and productivity.

Step 3

Let it run.

Get reminders in Slack when your deep work periods are about to begin.

Work together with intention.

When everyone feels supported, you can work together toward a common goal.

Achieve goals faster with focus sessions.

Most workdays aren’t terribly productive. We spend too much time on email, have too many meetings, then struggle to find the willpower and energy to focus on what’s really important. Focus sessions put you in control by reducing context switching and helping you get into a flow state.

Pair up for virtual mentorship.

Replicate the important benefit of a shared space, where junior employees work alongside senior employees, but on their own work. As less experienced team members have questions, they can get them quickly answered.

Have personal focus space.

Not everyone works well in isolation. At the heart of Cafe are focus rooms: dedicated places for teammates to co-work, check in, and build relationships at work. In your focus rooms, it's easier to feel a sense of belonging and everyone can have one.

An experience teammates love.

Building strong relationships at work improves collaboration and fights costly burnout. Critical innovation and information sharing is more likely with people you know and trust.


of users say Cafe has improved authentic communication


feel their ability to work remotely has improved


feel more connected to their teammates
Cafe has cultivated a strong set of values about the nature of online coworking and empowering co-workers. Understanding its origins will help you understand its design and why it's so effective for remote-first organizations.

Everything you need in one place.

From customizable focus rooms to guided focus sessions, Cafe is designed to make Focus Time a breeze.

Modern coworking for teams.

Cafe is a virtual coworking framework. It comes with all the tools needed to create, run, and manage Focus Time together.
Saving custom themes, adding background music and productivity widgets, sending real-time visitor notifications, maintaining secure rooms via SSL, automating recurring deep work sprints, and using multiple coworking modes. Cafe does it all and so much more.

Great teams focus together.

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1 room
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$99 / mo

10 max participants per room
10 rooms
All features
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$199 / mo

50 max participants per room
50 rooms
All features
Dedicated design assistance
Premium support
Save 30% with a yearly plan!
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