Connect teammates on a personal level

When everyone feels like they belong, you can work together toward a common goal.
Trusted by top companies.
These are just a few of the great names. There have been many thousands of virtual workrooms created with Cafe since its inception.

Cafe brings a sense of place to remote.

When everyone has a place teammates can visit, it boosts team-building, happiness, and productivity without needing to rely on scheduled meetings or impersonal chat tools.

Work side-by-side from anywhere.

At the heart of Cafe are workrooms: personalized spaces for everyone on your team to co-work, check in, and build relationships at work. In workrooms, it's easier to connect for unplanned, unscheduled, unscripted interactions.

Keep an open door for teammates.

With your workroom connected to Slack and SMS, you're notified when others stop by. Leave your door open for impromptu interactions, or closed and let teammates knock on your door. It's all up to you.

Build productive group routines.

Workrooms are your virtual coworking space. Timers, sticky notes, screen sharing & more are just a click away. And with powerful automations like focus sessions, you can host routine coworking and invite others to join.

Optimized for meetings relationships.

Building strong relationships at work improves collaboration. It's easier to work alongside someone you know and trust.


of users say Cafe has improved authentic communication


feel their ability to work remotely has improved


feel more connected to their teammates
Cafe has cultivated a strong set of values about the nature of online coworking and empowering co-workers. Understanding its origins will help you understand its design and why it's so effective for remote-first organizations.

Choose a new way to work.

From real-time visitor notifications, to shared ambiance and background music, Cafe is designed to make it easier to work, collaborate, and build relationships together.

Everything you need in one place.

Cafe is a virtual coworking framework. It comes with all the tools needed to create, deploy, and manage personalized workrooms.
Saving custom themes, adding background music and productivity widgets, sending real-time visitor notifications, maintaining secure rooms via SSL, scheduling recurring coworking, automating chat messages and in-room language, providing solid security protections for common misuse. Cafe does it all and so much more.

Great teamwork starts with belonging.

Try before you commit.

$19 / mo

1 virtual workroom
3-person max room capacity
Limited personalization features
Customer support
Save 10% with a yearly plan!

$99 / mo

10 virtual workrooms
No max room capacity
All features
Customer support
Save 20% with a yearly plan!

$199 / mo

50 virtual workrooms
No max room capacity
All features
Dedicated onboarding support
Dedicated room design assistance
Premium support
Save 30% with a yearly plan!
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